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Welcome to the official website of Sarah Moxom, an award winning serial entrepreneur, speaker, consultant and investor. Sarah is a passionate advocate for creating a world where everyone has opportunity, voice and a space to flourish and prosper.

Sarah Moxom – Empowering Female Leaders

Sarah Moxom is a business leader, dynamic entrepreneur, female leadership consultant, speaker, podcaster, activist, and investor.

With over 15 years of experience in business, she began by providing temporary staff to the nightlife and hospitality industry. Her life’s work and business pursuits have always been focused on empowering female leaders and creating freedom for others.

15+ Years of Impact: Sarah began her entrepreneurial journey in the nightlife and hospitality industry, quickly establishing her company as the leading force in the UK.

Empowering Women: Sarah is passionate about guiding and empowering female leaders through tailored consultations, workshops, and mentorship programs.

Fireside Whispers Podcast and Community: Tune in to “Fireside Whispers” Sarah’s podcast where she engages in insightful conversations with notable female figures, inspiring change and progress. Tap into the community and open up opportunities to grow and connect with other likeminded inspirations.

Investing in Tomorrow: As a dedicated investor, Sarah supports innovative projects and startups that align with her vision of a better future.

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Impacting the world: Sarah is involved with numerous women’s and human rights organisations, including A21, an anti-human trafficking organisation

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Fireside Whispers

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Listen to the award winning podcast Fireside Whispers. Great inspirational stories and conversations with real world women sharing their experiences and more.

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